Little Rebel Cheerleading

Vestavia Hills Little Rebel Cheerleading Bylaws

Vestavia Hills Little Rebel Cheerleading By-laws




The purpose of the Vestavia Little Rebels Cheerleading Program (herein after referred to as the "Little Rebels") is to 1) provide a sports program that actively involves as many children as possible; 2) teach the fundamentals of teamwork and basic skills in cheerleading.


Section 1: Eligibility to Participate

Only those children who are residents of Vestavia Hills, or non-residents who attend a Vestavia City School, and who are enrolled in 2nd - 6th grades for the upcoming school year are eligible to participate. Any family that moves out of Vestavia Hills prior to July 15 will receive a refund of the registration fee, minus expenses for any cheerleading items already purchased. The family must notify the President in writing by July 15 of the move. If notice is not given to the President after July 15, there will be no refunds issued.


Section 2: Liability

It is the sole responsibility of the parents of the children participating in Little Rebels to have accident insurance coverage for the child. It is solely up to the parent to determine whether to allow the child to perform tumbling and/or basic pyramids at the Little Rebel practices and games. Without an executed permission slip, the cheerleader will not be allowed to participate in tumbling and/or pyramids.


Section 3: Selection of Squads

  1. Registration will be held in the spring each year. Parents will register children according to their grade level for the following school year.

  2. A child may register for Little Rebel Cheerleading only during the official registration day(s) and must attend the mandatory uniform fitting day.

  3. Each child who completes the registration process will be allowed to cheer during the upcoming football season for the grade level in which the child participates during the school year.

  4. A child may be registered no sooner than the spring of the child’s FIRST GRADE year.

  5. The Little Rebel Cheerleading Executive Board will determine squad limits.

  6. Little Rebel cheerleaders will cheer for football teams from Jefferson Shelby Youth Football league and the Over the Mountain Football League.

  7. During the organization of squads, multiple births will not be split into separate squads.

  8. A parent or guardian must register each child, unless pre-approved by a member of the Little Rebel Cheerleading Executive Board.


    Section 4: Game Arrangements

    The Vestavia Hills Youth Football Association in conjunction with the Jefferson-Shelby Youth Football Leagues and the Over the Mountain Youth Football League will arrange games.


    Section 5: Squad Mothers

  1. In accordance with the Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation policy, each volunteer must submit the completed “Squad Mom Application, Contract & Code of Ethics” form, along with a copy of their driver’s license to the Executive Board. All volunteers will undergo a background check before final approval from the Executive Board.

  2. The Executive Board will assign squad mother(s) to each squad.

  3. Honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship are expected of all Squad Mothers. If, in the judgment of the President and the Executive Board, any squad mother fails to live up to these expectations, she will be relieved of her responsibilities.


    Section 6: Rules—Expectations and Guidelines

  1. Practices: Attendance at practice is mandatory. It is very difficult and unfair to the squad to have to go back and teach those who have missed. Obviously there will be occasions when illness or schoolwork will take precedence. In order for the absence to be excused, the squad mother must be notified, in writing, prior to the absence. The squad mother has the authority to approve or disapprove the absence and will do so in writing upon receipt of the request. Penalty: If a cheerleader has 2 or more unexcused absences, the cheerleader will have to sit out the following game.

  2. Games: Attendance at games is mandatory. If for some reason your child cannot attend the game, the squad mother should be notified as far in advance as possible and in writing, in order for the absence to be excused. The squad mother has the authority to approve or disapprove the absence and will do so in writing upon receipt of the request. Penalty: If a cheerleader has 2 or more unexcused absences, the cheerleader will have to sit out the following game.

  3. Competition: Participation in the end-of-the-season competition is strongly encouraged.


    Section 7: Safety

    Cheerleaders may perform tumbling and basic pyramids only if, the parent signs the “Little Rebel Cheerleading Tumbling Release Form”.  Tumbling will only be allowed during the “run through”, and during the half time performance, as directed by the squad mother.  Cheerleaders will only be able to perform secure skills that are documented by their parents on their Tumbling Release Form.  No exceptions will be made on this policy!


    Section 8: Officers

  1. The Little Rebels Program will include a President, Vice President/President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer- Elect, and Secretary. These officers will be referred to as the Executive Board.

  2. If any officer is unable to complete her term, the Executive Board, composed of elected officers, shall appoint a person to complete the term of office.


    Section 9: Election Process

  1. The President shall reside within the city limits of Vestavia Hills.

  2. Only residents of Vestavia Hills shall be eligible to vote.

  3. Officers will be elected annually.

  4. The Executive Board shall appoint a nominating committee of at least two members. The nominating committee will propose a slate of officers by December 15.

  5. The proposed slate of officers shall be posted at the Recreation Center, by December 31, along with the date, time, and location of the election. The proposed slate of officers will be posted no less than thirty days prior to the election.

  6. Additional individual nominations other than those selected by the Nominating Committee may be made by notifying the Chairman of the Nominating Committee no less than fourteen days prior to the election. No nominations will be accepted subsequent to the 14-day deadline.

  7. Nominees will be voted upon on the election date. Each officer being voted upon shall be elected by a majority vote of those entitled to vote and present at the election. No absentee ballots may be accepted. The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the participant(s) in the program during the prior fiscal season shall be entitled to vote, not to exceed two votes per family.

  8. Names of elected officers shall be posted in the Recreation Center at the conclusion of the election.


    Section 10: Duties of Officers

  1. The President will be responsible for the registration list, overall supervision of the program and attending Park and Recreation Board meetings.

  2. The Vice President will assist the President and preside over functions in the absence of the President. The Vice President will also organize and assist with Summer Cheer Camp.

  3. The Treasurer will be responsible for the financial transactions, keeping accurate records and accounts, and providing an audited record of all financial transactions on an annual basis. The ending financial report will be submitted by the Treasurer to the Parks and Recreation Board no later than March 1st of each year.

  4. The Treasurer Elect will assist the Treasurer, and also manage funds for the individual cheer squads.

  5. The Secretary will be required to keep accurate minutes of all business conducted at meetings and submit a copy of all minutes to the Park and Recreation Board staff. The Secretary will also oversee and conduct the election of officers pursuant to these Park and Recreation Board By-Laws.

  6. Both the Treasurer and President will act as dual signatories on any LRC financial accounts.


    Section 11: Cheerleading Board

  1. The Cheerleading Board will consist of the Executive Board and all squad mothers.

  2. The Cheerleading Board will evaluate the By-Laws and Rules governing the Little Rebels.

  3. The Cheerleading Board may vote by majority to amend the Rules or By-Laws.

  4. The Executive Board will comply with the Alabama Open Meetings Act

  5. Cheerleading board may vote via email to the President.



    Section 12: Cheerleading Squad Sponsorships and Expenses

  1. Any and all expenses for reimbursement from squad sponsorship funds must be presented to the treasurer no later than 30 days from the time of purchase. All expenses must be documented using the Little Rebel Cheerleading Reimbursement Form, and must be accompanied by the appropriate receipts or contracts.

  2. All squad expenses must be paid for by the Squad Mom(s), and will only be reimbursed to the Squad Mom(s). Individual parents who are not authorized Squad Moms will not be reimbursed. Individual parents who are not authorized Squad Mom(s) will not be asked to incur reimbursable expenses on behalf of the squad.

  3. Squad Moms are not allowed to “require” parents to donate, find a sponsor, or otherwise pay extra money to provide additional items for the team.


    Section 13: Use of Outside Contractors

    From time to time, Squad Moms/the Little Rebel Cheerleading Board will find it necessary to hire an outside contractor (end of year banquet, choreography, camp, etc.). Current Little Rebel Cheerleading volunteers (members of the Executive Board, Squad Moms) ARE NOT allowed to be paid contractors, or profit from Little Rebel Cheerleading. Additionally, 3 quotes will be required before a vender is chosen for Little Rebel Cheerleading purchases (this does not include individual squad purchases).


    Section 14: Payment of Outside Contractors

    There will be times where sponsorship funds are unavailable to use to pay for outside contractors (i.e. choreographers), and the Squad Mom may elect to pay for those services by soliciting parent donations. Squad Moms cannot require parent donations for outside contractors, and are encouraged to use squad sponsorship funds when possible, or solicit Vestavia High School cheerleaders or dance team members to volunteer these services. In these instances, when volunteered services are not available, parents should be directed to make payment directly to the contractor. At no time should the Squad Mom accept payment on behalf of the contractor. In cases where there is sponsorship money available to pay for these services, the Squad Mom is responsible for obtaining a receipt from the contractor and submitting it to the treasurer for payment or reimbursement.


    Section 15: Program Evaluations

    At the end of each season, parents of all Little Rebel Cheerleaders will be asked to complete an evaluation of their experience with Little Rebel Cheerleading. They will be asked for any feedback or suggestions on how we can make the program better. Evaluations will be kept confidential at the request of the parent. They will be used by Executive Board of Little Rebel Cheerleading to assist in making improvements to the program. If any squad mom receives negative evaluations from more than 25% of her squad’s parents, the executive board can elect to not allow her to serve as squad mom in the future.








    Revised January 31, 2019