Circlebox is a web start-up designed to help groups get connected online so they can use technology to improve communications and reduce work for leaders and members.

Circle is written by (and for) people who haven't figured out how to say "No" when asked to volunteer to help run organizations. The Circlebox team has helped lead or run:

  • Scout groups
  • Youth Sports Teams/Leagues
  • Sunday School class
  • Neighborhood Association
  • Service Guild

All of these groups have some of the same needs. Many of the man-hours of time put in by the leaders of these groups could be eliminated if there were better tools available. Circlebox wants to help meet that need.

As social networking is taking off, there are lots of tools available for groups whose entire membership is technically savvy.  For groups that don't meet that description, the job falls back on the leader to do the work (usually in Excel).  Circlebox wants to be a social networking application that will help the group leaders even when not all the members use it.  For people that will login and update their information and make online payments, those features are available.  For members that can't or won't do this, the Group Leader can make updates on their behalf.  The good news is that everyone is updating the same data so you can get good information out of the system.